bespoke DIAMOND CONCIERGE experience

You’re ready to buy the diamond of your dreams (congratulations!) - but where do you start?

• You could spend hours on your phone, Googling the ‘4 C’s’…

• You could spend your precious Saturdays trawling the stores…

• You could turn to a website, without a real person you can trust…

You could invest hours of your life, shopping online & in-person with nothing to show for it at the end…


I’ve been there. Wasted my life doing all of these things, on my quest to find the ‘one’. And it truly doesn’t HAVE to be that way!

I’d LOVE to help you find the diamond of your dreams.

My name’s Kate – and I’m your new Diamond Concierge.

Why? Well, because you deserve more. No diamond ever came easy! And if you’re anything like me, you’ve worked SO hard to get where you are.


• If you want an expert to guide you and support you with just the right amount of information you need (to make the right choice for you!);

• If you want to work with a like-minded professional, to give you exclusive access to a HUGE range of diamonds;

• But with the experience to get to know you, deeply understand what YOU want and present you with the tailored, personalized selection;

• If you want to feel joy & pride every single time you look at your new diamond…

Then we SO need to talk!

If you are ready to commit to owning the diamond of your dreams (and shopping in a fabulous way!), then come & join our select clients already on their journey.


Here’s how it all works…

  • We start with your Welcome Bundle! I’ll email over your Welcome Questionnaire within 48 hours, and we’ll get your first 1-1 Video or In-Person Consultation booked in the calendar (at the right time, that works for you!)

  • Your personal 30-minute 1-to-1 Video on In-Person Consultation will then take place, at your chosen time.

    It’s all about you! This is where we get to know each other. I want to truly understand your style; what you love & don’t love; exactly WHAT the diamond of your dreams looks like…

  • I’ll then email over your personal Diamond Proposal, full of options you’ll love – just for you (and working to your budget!).

  • We’ll follow this up with your 45-minute Trip Planning Session

  • Next it is Time To Shop! We will spend 1 or 2 days exploring different Diamond Cutting offices, choosing the diamond of your dreams, and snacking on Belgium Waffles

  • Once we’ve chosen your diamonds you’ll get a private introduction to my personal Jewelry Designer

  • We will work together with my Jewelry Designer to bring your perfect piece of jewelry to life

  • And finally, a 30-minute live Video Session with me personally, to follow up once your dream jewelry is created – where we’ll be on hand to help with caring for your investment!



Get acquainted with one of the loveliest cities in Europe.

(Day 1) Welcome to Belgium! Your Onward Travel guide awaits you this morning at Brussels Zaventum Airport along with private luxury transportation to whisk you off to Bruges, less than 70 miles away.

Bruges, a wonderfully preserved Medieval city situated in the heart of Flanders, has a longtime reputation as one of Europe’s most beautiful and beloved destinations. We’ll enjoy a welcome brunch together followed by a local-led walking tour to orient us to this magnificent locale. We’ll end our tour with a chocolate tasting at one of the city’s best chocolate shops.

Then settle in at Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce, the upscale boutique hotel occupying a historic building beside a canal where we’ll stay for the next two nights. An interesting aside, some scenes from the 2008 film “In Bruges” were shot here at our hotel. Tonight we’ll set out for a festive dinner together at a fantastic little bistro near our hotel.

Sleep in a historic hotel beside a picturesque canal. 


Dine at one of the region’s most lauded restaurants.

(Day 2) We’ll be up early this morning and grab a simple breakfast on the go because we have a very special treat… let’s take in the gorgeous cityscape of Medieval Bruges from a hot air balloon! The spired buildings, green countryside, autumn colors in the trees and networks of criss-crossing canals look best from the air and this is a morning sail through the sky that you won’t forget.

Once we come back down to land another treat is in store: lunch together at Michelin-starred Modern European restaurant De Gouden Harynck. After this fabulous meal at one of Northern Belgium’s finest restaurant the rest of the day is Bruges is yours to enjoy at your leisure. It’s hard to imagine a better place to do a little shopping and then relax and watch the world go by. Onward Travel will provide a destination guide to point you to all the best shops, historic sites, restaurants, cafes, beer bars and more that the city has to offer

Soar over the impressive cityscape in a hot air balloon.


Sip on local beer while cruising the canals of Ghent

(Day 3) This morning you’ll enjoy the hotel’s beautiful breakfast buffet and then it’s time to bid farewell to Bruges – we’ll set off in our luxury transportation today and drive less than an hour to the cultural hub of Ghent. Upon arrival a guide will lead us in a walking tour of the city center that ends at St. Bavo’s Cathedral – home of one of the world’s greatest treasures and an absolute masterpiece of art history, Jan Van Eyck’s nearly 700-year-old “Adoration of the Mystic Lamb,” known more commonly as “The Ghent Altarpiece.”

After you’ve been mesmerized like so many before you enjoy time for lunch and a little exploration on your own in the heart of this charming city. Then we’ll set out together for a private cruise through the canals during which our guide will teach us even more about the history of this important city – and also guide us in an on-board beer tasting of three delicious Belgian beers.

In the late afternoon we’ll transfer to our final destination, one hour away: Antwerp. Check in at Hotel de Witte Lelie, an absolutely chic one-of-a-kind tiny boutique hotel situated in a historic townhouse in the city center. Tonight our group will enjoy a classic Belgian meal together.

Experience one of art history’s most prized works.

fischler_0601 sm.jpg

Experience the world’s best diamond shopping with a Graduate Gemologist at your side.

(Day 4) This morning we’ll grab a quick bakery breakfast together as we set out as a group for a guided bike ride that will orient us to Antwerp, with a special emphasis on the history of the city’s diamond trade along with its Jewish culture and traditions since all of these are intertwined.

In the late morning our group will divide into smaller groups. Between this afternoon and the following morning and afternoon everyone will go diamond shopping with Katie and also have their choice of two of the three other activities listed below.

Diamond shopping with Kate Szirmay: Each member of the group (or couple, or traveling companions) will be led by Kate Szirmay, Diamond Concierge, on a private diamond shopping trip. Kate has connections and know-how and will be able to help you find just what you’re looking for in the world’s greatest diamond district.

Rubenshuis: Enjoy a private guided tour of the home of Dutch Master Peter Paul Rubens, the “Palazzo on the Scheldt.” In the early 17th century he renovated and designed much of this home himself and a great deal of his work was created and is still housed here.

Plantin Moretus Museum: This printing plant and publishing house dates from the Renaissance and Baroque periods and is associated with the history of the invention and spread of typography. The oldest printing presses in the world are located here and you’ll enjoy a fascinating private tour that will truly take you back in time.

Fashion Walk: Find out more about Antwerp as a vibrant lifestyle city on this cultural exploration of the city, which focuses on contemporary design, architecture and history. The emphasis is on the more recent past when the city developed into a leading fashion centre. This isn’t a shopping trip, but an exploration of local fashion culture.

Spend this evening in Antwerp as you please.


Continue your adventures in Antwerp...

(Day 5) This morning everyone will enjoy the sumptuous champagne brunch spread at Hotel de Witte Lelie. Then the activities as described in Day 4 will be resumed.

This evening our group will gather for one final meal together – an unforgettable dining experience at De Godevaart, a fine dining restaurant where the chef is known for his experimental, creative cuisine with an emphasis on the local and the seasonal. We’ll dine festively tonight on the gorgeous six course menu with thoughtful wine accompaniments.

Head home with wonderful memories.

(Day 6) Our driver will transfer us the 30 minutes to Brussels Zaventum Airport this morning to catch flights home, and we’ll bring along a breakfast for the road. For those who wish to stay on in Brussels, it’s only a short train ride from the airport to the city.