You’re ready to buy the diamond of your dreams (congratulations!) - but where do you start?

• You could spend hours on your phone, Googling the ‘4 C’s’…

• You could spend your precious Saturdays trawling the stores…

• You could turn to a website, without a real person you can trust…

You could invest hours of your life, shopping online & in-person with nothing to show for it at the end…


I’ve been there. Wasted my life doing all of these things, on my quest to find the ‘one’. And it truly doesn’t HAVE to be that way!

I’d LOVE to help you find the diamond of your dreams.

My name’s Kate – and I’m your new Diamond Concierge.

Why? Well, because you deserve more. No diamond ever came easy! And if you’re anything like me, you’ve worked SO hard to get where you are.


• If you want an expert to guide you and support you with just the right amount of information you need (to make the right choice for you!);

• If you want to work with a like-minded professional, to give you exclusive access to a HUGE range of diamonds;

• But with the experience to get to know you, deeply understand what YOU want and present you with the tailored, personalized selection;

• If you want to feel joy & pride every single time you look at your new diamond…

Then we SO need to talk!

If you are ready to commit to owning the diamond of your dreams (and shopping in a fabulous way!), then come & join our select clients already on their journey.

Here’s how it all works…

Diamond Day Trip
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  • We start with your Welcome Bundle! I’ll email over your Welcome Questionnaire within 48 hours, and we’ll get your first 1-1 Video Consultation booked in the calendar (at the right time, that works for you!)

  • Your personal 30-minute 1-to-1 Video Consultation will then take place, at your chosen time.

    It’s all about you! This is where we get to know each other. I want to truly understand your style; what you love & don’t love; exactly WHAT the diamond of your dreams looks like…

  • I’ll then email over your personal Diamond Proposal, full of options you’ll love – just for you (and working to your budget!).

  • We’ll follow this up with your 1.5 hour- private Diamond Buying Appointment – in New York or Antwerp

  • During your appointment we will see and analyze a curated selection of diamonds chosen just for you.

  • You’ll get a private introduction to my personal Jewelry Designer

  • And finally, two 30-minute live Video Session with me personally, to follow up once your dream jewelry is created – where we’ll be on hand to help with caring for your investment!

You really CAN find the diamond of your dreams, without the stress and overwhelm.

Why choose me? Well – I have all the qualifications, I’m a Graduate Gemologist and a Fourth Generation Jeweler, but that isn’t why I became a Diamond Concierge. I became a Diamond Concierge to help you. To empower you to buy diamonds, have fun, and celebrate your success. For a long time, buying a diamond hasn’t been fun….and I am here to change that.

Ready to get started?

Just click this button NOW – and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours, with your Welcome Bundle!

Why the fee?

The non-refundable $1250.00 Concierge Fee is an investment in your diamond buying adventure. Once you choose your dream diamond your fee is applied as a credit towards your final diamond purchase.

*I know I don’t need to say the price does not include diamond(s) or jewelry – as if you’d think that! But just to be clear that your $1250.00 investment gets you the full Digital Diamond Concierge service, to help you find the diamond of your dreams!