Jewelry + Travel

Quick and easy ways to be confident bringing your fine jewelry on your next adventure

Are you jet setting to a red carpet or having a cocktail after paddle boarding in Roatan? Wherever you’re going you need to think about your jewelry. Read through to find all the info you need about packing, insurance, wearing, and caring for your jewelry. I added links to all my favorite jewelry travel products to help you keep your jewelry safe and sparkling when you’re on your next adventure.



Choosing the right jewelry box to travel with can make packing and traveling with your jewels much easier. Any travel box should have a place for everything you’re bringing. This will avoid rings rolling around or chains from tangling. It should be small enough to have in your carry-on and close securely. I prefer hard sided boxes or more firm rolls over pouches or bags. I have a fear of missing something important lost in the folds of the lining. My favorite jewelry boxes for travel are from Wolf.


Do you have insurance on your big bling? Are you sure it is the right type, or enough?

  • When was the last time you had your fine jewelry appraised?

  • Do you have a clear photo of your fine jewelry

When it comes to insurance, know your options. A great place to start is with this article by It has great information about different types of insurance. It does not mention my all-time favorite jewelry insurance company, Gemshield. They offer jewelry replacement policies, they let you use your own jeweler, and their customer service is patient, kind, and knowledgeable. Gemshield also requires a yearly appraisal value update from a gemologist. This means that at least once a year a professional checks and cleans your jewelry. With any insurance purchase seek professional advice, be careful who you choose and read the fine print.


Wear & Clean

I am a huge gem geek when it comes to taking care of fine jewelry. I cover jewelry care many times on this blog. My two favorites for general care tips are “jewelry advice to start ignoring in 2019” and “How you’re ruining your ring this Winter and how to stop today”. If you’re on a short trip you might not need to do any cleaning or maintenance. If you are going somewhere extra fabulous and you need your diamonds to shine, then a quick clean is easy. I travel with the Diamond Dazzle Stik by Connoisseurs. Make sure to read the instructions. Very few jewelry cleaners are meant to be used on every type of gemstone.

There are so many occasions it isn’t safe to wear your fine jewelry. This totally changed things…One of the coolest thing to hit the market is Ring Hero this is a ring life saver. Perfect for hiking, beach, swimming, and a hundred other times when you don’t want to leave your jewelry in your hotel room but shouldn’t be wearing it. OBSESSED.

I don’t earn any money from the links in this blog post. These are 100% my recommendations based on personal experience and professional opinion.

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