The Most Important 'C' of Diamond Buying


Cut is possibly one of my favorite things to talk about when it comes to diamonds. The cut is the actual faceting and polishing of the rough stone. Cut is what makes a diamond sparkle and shine. The facet patter, and it’s precision on a stone is what controls the amount of light that is reflected back to your eye, or how much a diamond sparkles.

Did you know many diamonds are still cut by hand? Small calibrated sizes are often cut by machine but chances are that the ones you are wearing now were faceted on a spinning wheel with a surface covered in diamond dust. The only way to cut a diamond is with a diamond!


Focus on Cut for a sparkling diamond

Buying a diamond online can be a little confusing. Which is one of many reasons I don’t always recommend it. Internet diamond buying is confusing because the terminology used to describe the cut of a diamond is not regulated in any way. One website can claim a diamond is ideal and another can call the same stone super ideal.

  1. A round brilliant cut diamond with GIA grade of excellent cut, polish, and symmetry is called a triple X or for a long time an ideal cut. As I mentioned the term “ideal” cut has been changed and warped online so it is no longer a reliable benchmark.

  2. Fancy shapes are even trickier to evaluate without having a professional look at the diamond. In a statement from the GIA website an internationally accepted system for visually evaluating the appearance of fancy-cut diamonds does not exist at this time. “research is underway to develop the basic concepts for designing and implementing such a system.” With this being said there are preferred cut benchmarks for each shape. Generally a princess cut has more value when it is more precisely square with parallel sides. A pear, oval, and marquise often have a bow tie which is caused as the length to width ration increases and the pavilion angle is steeper….It gets complicated really quickly.

  3. I LOVE diamonds. I think I write that in every single post but I see each one as totally unique and special. The cut of each stone is one of the many things that makes each stone so remarkable to me. To think someone shaped a rough diamond into one of the spectacular sparklers I am fortunate enough to work with is amazing.

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