Rose Cut Diamonds, The Most Fabulous Trend of 2019

Hundreds of you read my blog on Salt & Pepper Diamonds…it was crazy. I got a little hate mail about my opinion on the trend and I was totally flattered that people took the time to read and respond. Next in the series of diamonds you may never have heard of is the Rose Cut. I am obsessed, I am in love, I am enamored, and you will be too by the time you finish reading this.

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Let’s Get Technical

A Rose Cut diamond has between 3 and 24 facets. A traditional round brilliant cut has 57 or 58 facets. Rose Cuts have 3 a flat base which increases their face-up appearance. As a beautiful and unique alternative to a traditional cut diamond Rose Cuts are just rising in popularity and the prices are still reasonable in comparison. Larger Rose Cut stones are graded on the same color, clarity and carat scale as brilliant cut diamonds. Moderate to smaller stones generally don’t have diamond grading reports and are more loosely classified by a color and clarity range. Trust is very important when purchasing a rose cut diamond. Many are classified as “eye-clean” or “visible inclusions” with so many fewer facets there is no extra sparkle to hide the imperfections.

The Good

Unlike Salt & Pepper diamonds there are not clarity risks with “eye-clean” rose cut diamonds. They are as robust as a brilliant cut. They also have the added benefit of currently being more reasonably priced than traditional cut diamonds.

The Bad

There is literally nothing bad a bout a Rose Cut diamond.

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