3 Ways You're Ruining Your Ring This Winter, and How You Can Stop Today

Cold weather is my least favorite weather. Not only because it's cold, but also for the damage it causes to fine jewelry. Yesterday I broke off a prong which led to one of my side diamonds falling out of my engagement ring. It was a total accident on a ring that is very well maintained. Below are situations that frequently damage rings in the Winter, and a few tips to save yourself from a similar fate.

ring in snow.jpeg

1. Mittens, gloves, and pockets

Have you ever stuck your hand into your glove and come out with a ring full of fuzz? Most of us have. This is a great indication that you need to have your prongs checked. If you have weak prongs pulling your hand out of your glove, mitten, or pocket could break the prong and pull the diamond out of your ring.

2. Cookies, gingerbread, and roasts

During the Holidays we cook more than any other time of year. Many famous Chefs are vocal about the need to take off your rings when you're in the kitchen. Rachael Ray even wrote about it here. Messy ingredients can get trapped under your diamonds, push prongs away from your stones and generally damage or break your rings.


3. Lotion, soap, and dish washing

For many of us Winter means dry hands and extra dishes. Lotion and soap stick to diamonds! Every time you lotion or wash your hands with your rings on, a film is left behind on your diamonds. The quick fix is to either take your rings off or invest in some at home jewelry cleaner.

This Winter, take a minute to have your prongs checked by a jeweler. Be careful putting on and taking off your gloves or reaching into your pockets. Take your rings off when you cook. Buy a jar of jewelry cleaner to keep on hand. Follow these tips to protect the bling in your rings this Winter.