Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Diamonds

Today my most internet savvy friend sent me a link to a venture beat article about the newest artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is being used to help online diamond shoppers. Diamond Pro, has create Ringo, an AI tool who is using a variety of factors to find the largest eye-clean diamond for your money online. I think this technology is terrific and will one day make a big difference in how online diamond shoppers are able to evaluate lower clarity grade diamonds. All of my opinions in this Blog are based solely on the results from today’s exploration of the new AI tool. Keep reading to get all the deets on my new friend Ringo as I screen shot my way through his AI world.

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The tech is cool and easy to use. The diamond prices also seem really reasonable for what you are getting. I can’t wait to see how it evolves and develops specifically around diamonds that are on the cusp of eye visible inclusions or not like SI2 stones. I experienced that on some level Ringo gets how diamonds work. With a budget, and the necessity of the stone being eye-clean you can’t get the biggest diamond without sacrificing something. For Ringo it seems to be the color. Two of my three results showed VS2 diamonds. VS2 clarity grading by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will never have eye visible inclusions. Period. Due to the high clarity of my diamond results and over one carat sizes the color of the stones I was shown was low. K color, even in an excellently cut diamond is going to show some or slight yellow face up. If it is on the lower end of the K color scale it might shore more than some color. Given the budget I chose $5000. I got great clarity, a large diamond, and excellent cutting. Ringo made the hard choice for me and sacrificed the color of my diamond to get me what I asked for within it’s parameters.

Overall I am excited for this new AI tool and its ability to help clarify the murky world of eye-clean vs non eye-clean diamonds being sold online. After spending my morning with Ringo I understand that we hold vastly different philosophies about the importance of highly trained professionals in the process of buying diamonds. Our clients are also very different people. I don’t recommend size over substance, or buying a diamond without having a trusted Gemologist look at it. I don’t recommend a K color without letting a client know that you will see yellow in the diamond no matter what metal color you choose for your setting.

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