Exploring colorless diamonds and color

This is a quick (hopefully) useful guide to colorless diamonds and color. Once we work together you will get the 4 C’s in under 5 minutes, packed with details and must know info about each of the 4 C’s totally customized to your specific diamond dreams. Your opportunity to sign up to work with me is here. Until then, check out my 3 step diamond color guideline.

Diamonds are graded on a color scale created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)


There used to be a number of different color grading scales. When GIA set out to standardize the system of diamond grading they started at D as most of the other systems were using A,B, and C. Please take a minute to look at the grading scale. Did you notice that all the diamonds are pictured upside down? This is one of the key components to the color scale. Diamonds are graded face down in a lab environment on a white background by looking into the heart (center) of the diamond.

3 simple guidelines for diamond color, so you can be confident in color but not spend the rest of your year studying to become a Gemologist.

  1. Diamonds with colors D-G don’t show noticeable face up color. H and I show very minor face up color. Once you move to J - Z color is apparent to the naked un-trained eye. There are exceptions to these rules. Artists, interior designers and other professions or hobbies that consistently work with color are significantly more sensitive to the nuances of diamond color than the average.

  2. Just like the other 4 C’s value and color are related. The higher (closer to D) on the color scale a diamond falls the more rare it is, so the higher its value.

  3. Finally, and maybe most important is that each color is a range. This is one of the reasons that buying a diamond based solely on it’s paper work is tricky. If you decide to go for and I color and this diamond is less money than the other I color diamonds, it might be because this I color is just a shade over J and holds a color very similar to J face up. The more expensive I color could be much closer to an H color diamond and have almost indiscernible face up color.

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