Today I am going to share the definitive answer to ‘How big is a 1 carat diamond’

Here’s the thing…Carat is a weight not a size. 1 pound of feathers takes up more space than 1 pound of rock. Diamonds aren’t as drastic as my example but the size or external measurements of a 1 carat diamond vary. A 1 carat diamond is a diamond that on a scale weights 1.00 carat.

The external measurements of a one carat round diamond range from 6.2mm to 6.8mm depending on the depth of the diamond.

Cut and Carat are very closely related. Above is the average range of measurements for a 1 carat diamond. In some cases depending on the cut or shape of the stone these measurements can vary even more with an extremely deep or shallow cut.

These variations in cut can have an enormous impact on the external measurements, sparkle, and price.

A quick history of the carat…

1 carat vs carob.jpg

“The modern carat system started with the carob seed. Early gem traders used the small, uniform seeds as counterweights in their balance scales. The carat is the same gram weight in every corner of the world.”

-Gemological Institute of America