How to Ruin Your Ring in 3 Simple Steps

Proper jewelry maintenance is a slight obsession of mine. You can read about chipping diamonds, and damaging your rings during the winter…. Seriously, I cover this topic a lot on this blog.

Today we are going to talk about why you shouldn’t wear your rings (with stones) to the beach and 3 ways to easily solve the problem and preserve your jewels.


1.  Never take them off

2. See step 1

3. See steps 1 and 2

Wearing your ring(s) to the beach is like taking your new Audi A8 off roading. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Just like the car, one trip to the beach can do irreparable damage to your rings. The cold water could shrink your finger just enough for your ring to slide off and into the Ocean. Your lotion could be the final straw after 15 years of ring abuse, getting gummed under your already loose stones and finally push them out of the settings. If your rings are already too tight the heat could swell your fingers getting your ring stuck necessitating cutting it off (the ring, not the finger).

How to Save Your Bling

1. Gold Ring

Any ring in gold or platinum is meant to be worn, and worn, and worn. It is hard to damage a solid gold ring that doesn’t have any stones. Even a very thin gold band can be worn daily for decades with only scratches to show its age. The two gold rings I wear the most are pictured below with links aaaaand they are both on sale right now.  

The Original
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The Remix
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2. Ring Hero

If you are happy to go without your bling but need to keep it close then get online and buy yourself a Ring Hero now! I bought one a few months ago and I love everything about it. It is a Diamond Concierge dream product.

3. Leave it home

If you aren’t sure you should be wearing your fine jewelry, then you shouldn’t be wearing your fine jewelry. I really like jewelry so I always choose either option 1 or option 2.

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Besides the Beach…. 10 other places not to wear your rings

1. The Gym

2. Cooking

3. Cleaning

4. Sleeping

5. Gardening

6. Swimming

7. Hiking

8. If you are a hair stylist or colorist

9. First Responders

10. Making Pottery