Good, Great, Bad, and Ugly About Salt + Pepper Diamonds

Rustic cuts, settings and diamonds are the height of cool in 2019’s artisinal custom conflict-free jewelry market…but how long do you want to wear your newest fave piece of jewelry?

Here is the good, great, bad, and ugly about Salt + Pepper diamonds.


“They look SO cool!” I was discussing S+P Diamonds with a friend and these were her first words, followed by “especially in rose gold.” and I 100% agree. They are funky, cool, and totally different from anything I have seen on the jewelry scene in a long time. They are like a breath of fresh air on the world of diamond rings.

Like a lot of the newest trends there seems to be a big misconception about S+P diamonds

They are natural diamonds, so the word diamond is an accurate description. BUT the word diamond gives everyone a false sense of security. As the hardest substance on Earth diamond are often thought of as indestructible. Did you know they don’t survive direct heat in a house fire, they can break if hit really hard, and if they are highly included they can shatter very easily. S+P Diamonds fall into this last category. The salt & pepper in “Salt+Pepper” diamonds are inclusions. With so many in the stone these definitely have the ability to compromise the structural integrity of the stone.

These aren’t your Grandma’s Diamonds and due to the number of inclusions in them a Salt + Pepper Diamond won’t be able to be passed down to your Grandchild.


So What Now?

If after you read this and have all the facts you’re still in love with Salt + Pepper Diamonds, good, let’s find you your dream diamond. They are the coolest and I will probably get one for myself. In case you are slightly worried about buying a diamond that might not last, I have an answer. Above is a picture of a type of quartz with inclusions called rutile needles formed on the inside. It is cool, funky, inexpensive, black and white and has a lot of the same look as a S+P diamond without paying the price of a diamond with the stability of an emerald.

Salt + Pepper Diamonds are beautiful and unique but they come with challenges. Setting, tightening prongs, any type of future repair work, re-setting, and daily wear are all very dangerous for these diamonds.

As always, if you have any questions or you’re ready to own your dream diamond find me on Insta @katetheconcierge