Bow Ties & Diamonds

Another fabulous Digital Diamond Buying trip to NYC happened last week. We explored pear shape diamonds in a private office 30 floors over the iconic diamond district.

Our trip got off to an exciting start when the office Wifi was down. We persevered, and after some cell phone acrobatics (we used a diamond scale to prop up the phone). We dove into the fun part of diamond buying. Diamonds!


Pear shapes (and ovals) can have what is called a bow tie. A bow tie is a darker, bow tie shaped section at the widest part of the diamond caused by the cut. Specifically the length to width ratio and how steep the pavilion angle is. While your eyes just glazed over, and I don’t blame you! Avoiding a big dark bow tie is easy, look for pear shaped diamonds that have an excellent cut rating.


Over Zoom we compared 1 carats, 1.25 carats and 1.5 carats pear shapes. Surprise! there is a big visible difference. We also looked at color comparisons from D to G. Fancy shapes can show a little more color than rounds so we try stay a little higher on the color scale, we like between D and G for pears and ovals.


When we talk about any diamond shapes with points we must mention safe settings. Any diamond point on a setting should be covered with a ‘V’ prong. It is a simple way to protect your investment.

Every buying experience is unique and tailored to an individual client. But, the basics about each shape don’t change. Feel free to comment or email if you need expert advice about pear shape diamonds.