Building Confidence & Buying a Diamond

How Women Are Taking Diamond Buying Back

Somewhere along the way we, as Women, learned that diamonds come to us through Engagements and Marriage or Family, but a diamond isn’t something we buy for ourselves.

Many of my clients are Women. Women who own their own businesses, hit 6 or 7 figures for the first time. Women who are living their dream lives! But most of these incredible Women have never bought their own diamond.

To build the confidence to buy a diamond we first need to dive into the messy bits, our limiting beliefs and the stories we’ve learned about diamonds. Here are the two objections I hear most often, and how we can rise above them to celebrate your success.

I could never buy myself a diamond.

You are wildly successful. You own your own company. You may have raised or are raising a Family. You are incredible. You buy your own house, car, clothes, and you support yourself. If you can do all of this, then you can buy your own diamond.

I could never wear that, I don’t go anywhere.

When we experience diamond buying together during a diamond day trip or digital diamond experience the diamond we are looking for is a symbol. A symbol of your success and independence.  Rock that 10 carat on your next Target run and in your next meeting. Let the World know how successful you are.

 Traditionally both sides of the jewelry showcase have been male dominated. In the last five years that has started to change. Now more than ever Women are celebrating themselves with the experience of buying their own diamonds.  Click here when you’re ready to celebrate your success. Not quite ready yet? Click here to read more about diamonds on my blog.