what is a diamond concierge?

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You want an expert to guide you and offer you just the right amount of awesome diamond info. You are looking for a professional to give you access to a huge range of diamonds, but the experience to narrow your choices. You want to feel happy and proud when you look at your new diamond.

As Diamond Concierge we work with clients who are ready to commit to owning the diamond of their dreams and shopping in a fabulous way


Kate Szirmay, Founder


In 2017 I quit a job running a 7-figure company so I could flip the script on how diamonds are purchased. I am a Graduate Gemologist and Diamond Concierge. I’m a fourth-generation jeweler and Entrepreneur. By the end of 2017 I had created Kate the Concierge Inc. A totally unique diamond buying experience. I focused on the joy buying a diamond could bring and wove that all the way through the process. I took out the overwhelm and confusion. I’ve done all of this with the goal of giving you the opportunity to experience the incredible and fascinating world of diamonds in a personal and ethical way. I am a 100% diamond nerd, highly caffeinated tea drinker and champagne enthusiast. Nothing makes me happier then geeking out over the 4 C’s or meeting you for coffee so we can chat about your diamond dreams.


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 Finding the diamond of your dreams is an exciting experience you can have without leaving your home.

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Spend time with Kate, touring an iconic diamond district in New York City or Antwerp, Belgium. Shop a curated selection of diamonds in a private appointment in a wholesale diamond office. Enjoy having a Diamond Concierge to make choosing your perfect diamond a relaxing and easy experience.

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